Monday, August 4, 2008

Prayer Resurrection Shared

I'm so excited!
I didn't get a photo of her like I should have, but I gave away the piece in the previous entry. (It's full title is "Prayer Resurrection--Chapman Resurrection." ) I've spent all week on a work trip in Chapman to help the schools recover from a tornado (I blog about it here). For 5 days, I was keeping open to finding "the right" person to share this with. And on Saturday, I found her! The Middle School music teacher was delighted with it, and said she'd have guard it from the interim art teacher who will be coming for a semester. (I told her I'd happily make the art teacher something, too.)

I had no idea how good it felt to give away your art to someone who loves it. ;)

Off to vacation. Door County, WI, here we are!