Monday, March 2, 2009

ArtiGras 2009

I spent my Saturday at ArtiGras, a fundraiser for the Spirituality Network in Columbus, OH. It was a wonderful day of taking care of our spiritual selves. Three friends attended with me, and there were over 100 participants.

One of the workshops I took was "Another's Shoes" where we used plaster strips (like they use to cast a broken arm) to make someone else's shoes and to tell a story about them. There were some wonderful shoes: mom's house slippers she put on each day after working 3 jobs, shoes for a child in africa sponsored by the maker, work books, etc.
My shoe is for the Mommy I'm Not. I don't own any high-healed shoes. This greatly disappoints my 5-year old. So here is the shoe I wish was in my closet for him to play with:

I also went to a dance workshop by happy accident. When my friends re-gathered after our first workshop, Penny was glowing from her dance workshop and said we really should go. I weight it in my mind and thought about skipping my assigned painting workshop to go, but the Dutiful Child won out and I went to the painting workshop. When I got there, my name wasn't on the teacher's list, and the class was full. So off I went to the dance workshop.
The leader drew from many different sources from the bible to "What the body wants" and Gabriella Roth and others. Our hour and a half class was mostly active dancing as we danced our ways though the chakras. It was intimidating, freeing, and exhausting. It was also deeply personal even though we were dancing in the same space. I didn't get a picture of this workshop, but wow!

The other workshop I attended was creating Mandelas. It was really fun. Here's what I came up with:

The ostrich in the center of mine started calling to me from another table as soon as I sat down. He's such a funny creature!
After we made our mandalas, we were given time to contemplate them. I almost laughed out loud when I realized that the ostrich wasn't me!
Pieces of 2 songs came to me, "Crown him with many crowns" (see the safety pin with 3 bells on it on his head?) and from "I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light" the phrase, "The star of my life is Jesus." HA HA. Apparently, one of my images for Jesus is now an ostrich. Hmm...

When I got home and showed my kids what I'd done, Charlie (5) was facinated by the mandala and asked several times to do one together. So the boys spent most of the morning creating their own mandals. Here's Lukes:

And Charlie's. See how proud he is!
What a great day at ArtiGras. And what a great day with the kids.

SpirARTuality: Nuno Felting

February's SpirARTuality gathering was to do Nuno Felting. (Full directions and information on kits are in the 2 posts below). We began with 9in by 12in prefelt. Here is one fabulous design before we started felting:

And here we are in the final step of the process, when we dropped our projects into very hot water and squished and squeezed them to get them nice an well-felted.

I was shocked about how small my project got:

And then very interested at the sizes of the three projects we did. Each of these were dipped and squeezed for the same amount of time. you think perhaps I was dealing with a little bit of stress?

All three projects turned out beautifully. We were all pleased. Nuno felting with a kit is very do-able, and turns out well. I highly recommend it!

Our SpirARTuality question for this project is, "Are you the roving that holds things together, or are you the silk pieces that brighten things up?"