Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SpirARTuality: Fabric Beads

We began today's SpirARTuality by celebrating Jo's birthday with honey bran mango chocolate chip muffins. Then we were off to making fabric beads. Everyone has told me that making them is quite easy--and it's true. It is!

Supply list:
hollow coffee stirrers, straws etc
bits of fabric
irridecent paint, glitter glue, etc
string, yarn, fabric shreds etc

Here's a nice picture of the process. You can see the unused fabric scraps on the right, a bunch of rolled beads on the bottom left, and the clear plate has the paint and a sponge.

Jo uses a pattern, seen here, to help her tear her fabric into 2 inch by 1 inch bits.
I just approximate and even do some triangles and other shapes when the mood hits.

How To:
1) Cut the stirrers down to about 1" pieces
2) Cut or tear fabric into about 1" by 2" pieces
3) put a dab of glue on the end of a piece of fabric
4) place stirrer on glue and roll fabric up til only 1/4" is left
5) put a dab of glue on fabric just before the end to hold it together and roll the last 1/4 inch
6) daub on small bits of irridecent paint onto the fabric beads. This *really* makes a difference
7) wind and tie bits of string, yarn, or tiny fabric strips around the beads

And Ta-Da!

These are going right home and getting glued on some more Inchies to send off to Sacred Path Book and Arts.

The SpirARTuality reflection question for today is:
Imagine your life is a string of beads. Attach an event in your life to each bead, and list those events. What does your life-as-beads look like? Pearls? Diamonds? Fabric beads? Muliti-strand seed beads? A maccaroni necklace?