Thursday, August 30, 2007

House series

I have lots of house shape to play with from my Neighbors are Nearby and Far Away piece. I'm calling my series "Glass Houses" although some/many of them won't actually be Glass Houses.

I'm calling them Glass Houses because they are just the right size to be a coaster, to hold your glass. And they have houses on them. Thus, Glass Houses.

Here is my first one, sent to a friend.

Here's my second one. I made it for a friend's youngest child who attended a Happening weekend with her church. Unfortunately, I didn't hear about it in time to get it to her during the weekend, and now I'm too shy to send it to her late. Somehow, it seemed like it would be a really neat and special gift along with a bunch of other gifts and notes and such that she would get during the weekend, but it might be a Weird and Uninvited Piece Of I Don't Know What if I send it to her now. So it's sitting in my studio.

And here are the other Glass Houses bases. Aren't they a pretty lot?

I have a few pieces that are villages. Here is one I'm preparing to take to a freemotion quilting class next week. (I'll keep it hidden until I figure out if they will kick me out if they know I'm an art quilter instead of a traditional quilter!)

And another village that I started playing with and it became a Mediterranean Village:

I am realizing I have no sense of when I'm really "done" with a quilt. Anyone out there know if that's something that you learn, or something that develops as you do more, or just an inherent skill I don't seem to have?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Adoption Wall Hanging

Ooh! I just sent off my favorite piece ever!

Earlier this year, my friend Carin's family adopted a son. They also were fostering another child and I spent months trying to come up with just the right gift to share in their joy. I never came up with anything. However, I continued to percolate.

Just last week, we got an adoption anouncement from our friends the Camerons that their youngest son was now legally theirs. And in about an hour, this delightful little piece was created for them:

It's not the best picture. Maybe someday I'll get better at that. However, you can see the elements.
It uses one of the outlines from the "Neighbors" wall hanging from a few weeks ago. And I stamped their name onto the house. Then I cut out a heart for each one in the family, and since I had a little space and they're church folk, I added a cross. Then I used metalic thread coming from the cross in the house and running through each heart, connecting them.

(I hope they like it as much as I do. It's so fun to do things I like and I'm able to share. This art stuff is cool.)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Let's SWAP!

I returned to the previously mentioned going-out-of-business store. Oh, my.
I bought another 1,000 buttons.
And enough upholstery to recover everything in our living room--but we've got little kids so there's no point in doing that for another 15 years. So I guess I'll have the bolts of fabric in my studio for the next 15 years.
And here are some photos of other things I couldn't resist.

They had a 3ft x 4 ft x 4ft big FULL of iron-on embroidery patches. It was impossible to look thru them all, so I asked for a bag and threw in anything that looked vaguely interesting with the intention of picking out my 20 favorites. I set the bag on the counter and kept looking. When I returned, it and some other things were all counted and tied up together and I forgot about my sorting plan. So I came home with 300 more of these things than I intended!

And oh, this lovely beaded fringe!

And I have no idea what this ball fringe could be used for. But I have such FABULOUS memories of my mom's stash of ball fringe when I was a baby. It brings intensely happy, safe, comfortable, fun memories to me because of having it hang on my crib, and being pinned on to my pants when I was pretending to be some animal, and that it was in one of my mom's lower drawers in her sewing room--one than I played in when I was a tiny tot.

SO, now I've got alot of some similar things, but would instead like to swap some of my things for other's things. I've got lots of yarns, some fabrics, notions, doo dads, and of course all of the above.
I'm inviting all bloggers to swap a small-sized priority mail box full of stash goodies with me. If you'd like to do this, please leave a comment (and add a link on your blog if you feel so inclined). I've got lots to share, and am looking forward to broadening my stash. My goal will be to do 20 swaps with folks in 2007. Can I do it?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Being brand new to Art Quilting and to making time for art in general, my stash of goodies is way too small. However, a few weeks ago my friend Penny took me to a nearby town where there is a fabric store going out of business and everything is 75% off. WOW. Their selection was limited, but I was entranced by their button selection. I came away with 273 buttons.

I put them in little jars: Sparkly Ones, Animal Ones, Vehicle Ones, Hearts, Flowers, Big Ones.

Slowly, I'll create a delightful little stash...