Wednesday, September 26, 2007


One week from today, I'll be hosting our first Women's SpirARTuality morning. A nearby spiritual director and I came up with the idea. I've not heard back from her, but I'm charging ahead full-force as is fairly typical for me.

We'll be painting fabric in my back yard and reflecting on the experience. I've invited 8 women, so far 4 of us will attend. I've painted fabric once. Two of the participants have years of experience in painting and dying fabric. So it will be interesting to see how our morning goes. My hope is that I will provide supplies and and the time/space, and that each of us will do our own thing or collaborate as the Spirit moves us.
At the end of our time, we will have some reflecting/journaling questions about the event.

Suggestions are always welcome.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Pop Art Fabric Art

Way back in Lent, I decided to spend a few minutes each day doing art. I imagined that I'd spend the whole season working with people and faces. I made some fun little stick puppets of our family and friends, but then did other things most of the time. Near the end of Lent, I came across this site about how to turn family pictures into pop art. I was intrigued!

I knew virtually nothing about our Photoshop, but we took some photos and my husband taught me the basics. I had TONS of fun altering each mug shot to be a paper pop art piece.

I then cut the paper pictures into component pieces and used them as templates for fabric, and created this:

It was definitely only "play" and a study, but it was fun and I learned alot (like when using cheap Walmart fabric things show through--see hubby's yellow shirt)

I especially like adding the hand-sewn details of my highlights

And our baby's fuzzy head:

All in all, a fun learning project. I commend it to you!